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ACTALIA Sensoriel offers industrials, distributors and other stakeholders in the food and packaging sector a wide range of services to control the organoleptic quality of their products, understand consumer behaviour and evaluate perceptions from purchase to consumption or tasting:

  • Customized qualitative and quantitative laboratory or home-based consumer approaches,
  • Analytical approaches, sensory characterization of products,
  • Customized intra-company training and inter-company modules,
  • Advice and support in the field of sensory analysis and tasting.

Hedonic ad hoc studies

  • Ideal profile: optimisation of key preference criteria
  • Analysis of penalties: classification of criteria according to the impact on acceptability
  • Methods in experimental economics: impact of an allegation

Descriptive and discriminative studies

  • Profile of models or reference/target products
  • Dynamic profile of perceptions (TDS)
  • Impact of a change in process and/or ingredient
  • Qualitative aromatic profile (using 53 cheese flavour standards)

Joint analysis

  • Preference mapping

Customized consulting and/or training, for the constitution of an internal tasting panel for example

Consumer studies

  • Positioning of a product in its competitive space
  • Quality control barometers
  • Impact of product ageing/acceptability

Descriptive and discriminative studies

  • Triangular, paired, duo/trio tests
  • Consensus sensory profiling
  • Temporal Dominance of Sensations (TDS) Sensory profiling
  • Napping

Quality control outsourcing

  • Determination of shelf life, evaluation of product/material organoleptic inertia
  • Customized consulting and/or training to set up or optimize sensory control within the company

Qualitative studies

  • Focus groups
  • Focus workshops

Quantitative consumer studies (laboratory-based, home-based, online)

  • Evaluation of acceptability and preferences
  • Segmentation studies and search for preferential targets
  • Methods in experimental economics: consent to pay or exchange according to the value allocated to a product
  • Product & packaging tests (concept testing, packaging testing, container/content adequacy)
  • Preference mapping
  • Usage and attitude surveys

Customized training


  • A team of around forty experienced staff,
  • 5 equipped rooms – NF EN ISO 8486 (V09-105) compliant – located on 4 sites,
  • Sampling logistics ensuring coverage of several regions in France (2 refrigerated vehicles),
  • Equipment dedicated to the preparation/cooking of all types of food products,
  • A potential of thousands of consumers: children/teenagers/adults,
    • Possibility of home-based testing of cat and dog food,
    • Several panels trained in discriminative approaches and sensory profiles:
    • bread-making products *
    • meat and poultry products *
    • sweet biscuits
    • cider and apple-based products
    • seafood products
    • milk products (milk-butter-cream)
    • cheese and dairy products*
    • coffee
    • fruit and vegetables*
  • Also,
    • general multi-product subjects*
    • experts in characterisation of cheese aromas (53 aromatic notes)


The ACTALIA Sensoriel ‘site  in  Bourg en Bresse is COFRAC accredited to programme 133 (list of sites and scope available at www.cofrac.fr). The site is  authorised by INAO (Institut national de l’Origine et de la Qualité – National Institute of Origin and Quality) to execute organoleptic testing of products produced under quality labels, in particular Label Rouge [Red Label].

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