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ACTALIA Cecalait provides technical and scientific input regarding the knowledge, development and harmonisation of analytical methods for milk and dairy products at national and international level. We offer services to the dairy sector (laboratories, suppliers…) to ensure the reliability of the microbiological and chemical analyses in milk and dairy product.

ACTALIA Cecalait is accredited by COFRAC according to ISO 17043 standard for its activity as a physico-chemical and microbiological proficiency test provider (n ° 1-2473, Interlaboratory Comparisons, scope available on www.cofrac.fr  )  and according to ISO 17025 standard for the performance of chemical and microbiological tests on milk and dairy products (n ° 1-5577, Tests, scope available on www.cofrac.fr ).

  • Interlaboratory Proficiency test:
    • in chemistry, on different dairy matrixes (milk, butter, cheese, whey, dried milk, retentate) and different composition component
    • in microbiology, on total and pathogenic flora in milk and cheese
  • Secondary reference materials (SRM):
    • for the calibration of instruments,
    • for the control of chemical and microbiological methods
  • Training on analytical techniques in chemistry and microbiology, quality assurance and metrology on-site or in Poligny
  • On-site audit and technical evaluation
  • Documentary monitoring, normative and regulatory surveillance
  • Evaluation of materials, reagents and methods

ACTALIA Cecalait proposes material and reagent evaluations to suppliers. ACTALIA Cecalait is also recognized by AFAQ AFNOR Certification as an expert laboratory.