Our mission:

to assist stakeholders in the food industry in their process for the control of quality and innovation.

ACTALIA brings together the skills of its experts and engineers in 6 departments of expertise, with a strong specialization in the dairy sector and in food safety.

  • Food safety

    This department is the only one, at a national scale, to be specialized in virology, parasitology, hygienic equipment and microbial evaluation of technologies (pilot plant with biosafety level 2 and 3)

  • Dairy products

    This department has been developing and offering unique services in the field of cheese technology and dairy microbiology, recognised in France and abroad, for over 45 years.

  • Cecalait

    This department provides technical and scientific input regarding the knowledge, development and harmonisation of analytical methods for milk and dairy products at national and international level.

  • Quality control

    This department combines analytical laboratories and management skills for the quality control of food products and improvement of quality systems and food safety.

  • Sensory

    This department offers manufacturers, distributors and other stakeholders in the food and packaging fields a wide range of services to control the organoleptic quality of their products and to understand consumer behaviour

  • Innovation

    The vocation of this department is to revitalize and increase reliability of innovation in the food sector.

    Expert in Food Innovation, from the idea to the market