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About us

ACTALIA’s mission is to assist stakeholders in the food industry (micro-businesses/SME, groups, inter-branch organisations) in the quality control and innovation of their processes.

Attentive to the needs of businesses, ACTALIA’s teams offer a wide range of comprehensive, customized services to provide solutions to problems faced by companies in the food and dairy industry:

  • Audit
  • Consulting
  • Training
  • Consumer studies
  • Analyses
  • Standardisation of methods

ACTALIA also participates in missions and research of general interest to improve knowledge and develop specific tools within the framework of its mission of technical support and transfer of expertise.

ACTALIA was born in May 2013 from the merger of two agro-industrial technical institutes: ADRIA NORMANDIE, a center of agribusiness expertise for over 30 years, and Actilait, the technical institute of milk and dairy products.

ACTALIA is today:

  • A multidisciplinary team of 180 staff composed mainly of engineers and doctors.
implantation france

Differents sites in France

  • 12 locations in France: Bourg-en-Bresse (01), Le Chaffaut Saint-Jurson (04), Villers Bocage (14), Caen (14), Surgères (17), Mamirolle (25), Rennes (35), Poligny (39), Saint-Lô (50), La Roche-sur-Foron (74), Paris (75), Maisons-Alfort (94).




  • A scientific council composed of experts from government research organisations.
  • A centre of expertise, classified by the French Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food as an Agro-industrial Technical Institute. ACTALIA is thus recognised for its mission of general interest as well as its technical and scientific skills.

ACTALIA brings together the skills of its experts and engineers in 6 departments of expertise. Each department has the particularity of combining expertise (national and international R&D programmes, accreditation and certification) with operational knowledge in the field. The divisions offer a wide range of services: audit, consulting, analyses, studies, training, regulatory and technical monitoring.

Discover the services proposed by the different divisions

ACTALIA_SecuriteA_P ACTALIA_ProduitsLait_P  ACTALIA_Cecalait_Pweb ACTALIA_ControleQ_P actalia sensoriel

ACTALIA’s departments of expertise work together to seek, study, understand, control and provide practical solutions to problems faced by companies.

This complementarity between professions provides stakeholders in the dairy and agri-food industry with a comprehensive operational solution.

ACTALIA’s board of directors, chaired by Mr Patrick LEPELLEUX, is composed of administrators representing the Lower Normandy regional institutions, dairy industry inter-branch organisations and businesses.

Thierry PETIT was appointed as general manager.


Divisional Directors

ACTALIA_ControleQ_P Director of ACTALIA Contrôle et qualité [Quality Control]: Philippe FIGWER


actalia sensoriel Co-Directors of ACTALIA Sensoriel:  Françoise BESNIER and Jean-Christophe PERRIN


Director of ACTALIA Innovation: Elodie LEROLLE-RIO




ACTALIA_Cecalait_Pweb  Director of ACTALIA Cecalait: Philippe TROSSAT


ACTALIA_ProduitsLait_P Director of ACTALIA Produits Laitiers [Dairy Products]: Pierre BARRUCAND


ACTALIA_SecuriteA_P Director of ACTALIA Sécurité des aliments [Food Safety]:  Philippe TROSSAT