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With a multidisciplinary team of 48 staff spread across 8 sites (*), ACTALIA Dairy products has been developing and offering unique services in the field of cheese technology and dairy microbiology, recognised in France and abroad, for over 45 years.

Whether you are a milk processor (industrial group, SME, micro-business, farmer), product union, distributor, ingredient supplier, equipment manufacturer… ACTALIA Dairy products will help you in identifying and resolving your technological and/or microbiological problems.

(*) Contacts: see section “our sites”

Assist milk processors to overcome technical difficulties, identify means of action to optimize yields, ensure quality and innovate:

  • Assessment and resolution of technological problems in your dairies (industrials, artisans, farmers)
  • Process engineering
  • Technology Transfer
  • Innovation (sheet)
  • Processing and recovery of whey
  • Recovery of milk proteins
  • Design and execution of experiments to improve technological control
  • Implementation of tools to monitor technological parameters and quality

Contacts :
Patrice Gaborit    +33 (0)5 46 27 69 85

Romain Richoux   +33 (0)6 87 27 03 38

Nadège Bel     +33 (0)4 50 03 33 03

ACTALIA Dairy products offers you expertise and tools to help you to deal with problems at the boundary between the product or process and environmental concerns (impacts, energy and water consumption…).

Linked to processes

  • Improve the environmental performance of a manufacturing process,
  • Carry out an energy pre-diagnosis and identify means of energy optimization
  • Identify the best available technology, water treatment…

Linked to products

  • Evaluate the environmental profile of a dairy product.

Contact :
Pierre Barrucand      +33 (0)5 46 27 69 84

We offer R&D, Quality, Production managers… our expertise and state-of-the-art analytical methods to preserve, identify, understand and control the biodiversity of dairy microbial ecosystems which play a major role in the dairy industry in general.

Conservation & provision of biological resources: French reference centre, certified ISO 9001 activity (Certificate no. FR008154-1)

We can thus conserve your biological resources and make our collection of dairy organisms available to you under contractual conditions.

ACTALIA Dairy products, a member of Résomil, which created the French national dairy collection FranceMIL (under the responsibility of the Fondation Scientifique de la Biodiversité [Scientific Biodiversity Foundation]), provides the scientific community with microorganisms for research purposes.

Identification of different flora and population dynamics to study dairy and undesirable microbial populations in your dairy products (traditional and molecular microbiology tools).

Study of bacteriophages

  • Rapid evaluation of the presence of phages
  • Phage typing and diversity
  • Sensitivity of strains to phages


Contacts : Tél. +33 (0)4 50 03 33 03
Sarah Chuzeville

Prevention and control of pathogenic risk from the milk to the consumer

Emergency intervention in the event of a crisis

We offer all diary processing professional and quality managers in particular, dairy and microbiological evaluations to determine the presence and behaviour of undesirable microorganisms in your dairy products.

  • Growth tests on undesirable microorganisms: growth monitoring in diary processing.
  • Optimise the management of the microbiological quality of raw milk
  • Optimise the management of the microbiological quality of your dairy products through Quantitative Risk Appreciation (AQR*) Approach recognised and recommended by the health authorities (Paquet Hygiène, Codex Alimentarius).


(*) The Cniel / ACTALIA AQR team was created in 2003. Its mission is to develop modelling and statistical tools of which the objective is to optimise the management of the hygienic quality of dairy products. These tools are based on the optimum use of existing dairy company databases and the pooling of knowledge relating to the process and microorganisms studied.


Contacts :
Valérie Michel    +33 (0)4 50 03 33 03

Our training activity is guaranteed by ACTALIA Dairy products professionals on a wide variety of subjects.

Our training courses are adapted to the needs and concerns of our clients: cheese and dairy technology, dairy microbiology, spoilage flora, bacteriophages, food safety, hygiene…

Our courses comprise 3 distinct offers:

  • “Customized” intra-company training courses: according to the client’s request, we propose exclusive customized courses during one or several days involving one or several of ACTALIA’s specialists.


  • Inter-company training courses proposed in our catalogue (cf. offering Anfopeil anfopeil-enil.org)


  • Farm training courses: to manufacture cheeses and dairy products for farmhouse dairy processors already established or starting out.


Hundreds of farmers or artisans are thus trained each year by experienced technicians-instructors who are all in direct contact with the field.

You can download our catalogue

and the registration form


logo_QualicertOur Centre at Carmejane (cf Our sites) is certified to carry out training courses for contributors and beneficiaries of VIVEA (www.qualicert.fr). Certificate no. 5453



Sonia Fontaine +33 (0)4 92 34 71 86

Our documentation centre can help you in your search for scientific and technical information and provide documents.


Geneviève Freund         Tél. +33 (0)5 46 27 69 80