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ACTALIA offers industrials, technicians, researchers and academics a range of documentary and monitoring services to provide assistance with research and development projects and to stay informed about scientific, technical, regulatory and normative developments in the food industry.


  • Created in 1963, the IALINE database lists international works and scientific and technical publications in the agri-food sector. Subscription to the IALINE database includes access to all the archives, which comprises over 380 000 bibliographic references.

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Diffusion of ACTIA guides:

  • Nutritional quality – Practical Guide from diagnosis to control

This practical guide is a novel tool, fruit of a collective effort conducted within the Nutriprevius Combined Technology Network coordinated by ACTIA. 3rd edition – 2012 [in French]
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  • Risk Management “Food Allergens”

Methodological HACCP application guide – 2009 [in French]

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Publication and distribution of bibliographic reviews

  • Incidence of technological parameters and disinfectants on viral risk in the agri-food industry – 2004 [in French]

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(Scientific and technical News Collection No. 50)

Cheese documentation summary (DFR)

Since 1988, each subscriber receives 100 sheets per subscription (delivered over approximately 24 months) summarizing, in French, several hundreds of scientific articles published in major peer-reviewed journals. Clear and simple, these sheets highlight the results of interest to the dairy profession and include critical views from cheese technologists (“the cheesemaker’s point of view”). It is today a major body of over 1800 sheets for technologists and scientists who wish to improve the cheese industry.


Documents from the Caprine Resources and Documentation Centre (CRDC)

The mission of this service is to gather and make available to the stakeholders in the caprine sector the technical and scientific documents necessary for their activity.

In addition to its abundant library of 18 000 documents, the CRDC, based in Surgères, manages three specialist websites:

  • www.crdc.fr is an information portal dedicated to the Caprine sector. Free online access to previous editions of L’égide (scientific and technical newsletter).
  • www.goat-lib.com is a database with free online access. This database references national and international scientific and technical reports, theses, books and publications in the dairy and caprine sector.
  • www.ladocumentationcaprine.net presents technical and scientific articles considered as indispensable by the 4 institutions that instigated this initiative: CRDC, INRA/INA-PG, Institut de l’Elevage, CIRVAL.


Publication of works for professionals in the caprine sector

The CRDC has been publishing works since 1995, mainly proceedings from caprine conferences, which are now reference works.

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Technical farming documentation

The technicians in Carmejane have formalised, in various documents, all the experience they have acquired in the field from years of technical support for farm and artisanal cheesemakers.
These documents, books, technical data sheets, CD-Rom… are designed to reply to practical technical issues faced by the farm and artisanal sector.

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Publication and distribution of technical studies

Numerous experiments carried out for professional bodies or within the framework of research programmes are summarized in the form of reports that can be ordered. The list is available on request.
Contact : Christine PAUBEL 


Publication and distribution of newsletters

  • L’Egide: quarterly bulletin, presenting technical and scientific articles of interest to professionals in the caprine world. Example and purchase order 
  • Cecalait’s Newsletter: quarterly bulletin for dairy analysis laboratories.
  • The regulatory, legislative and normative monitoring bulletin: every month by email, the references, links and key information from new texts of interest to the milk processing sector.

Bibliographic searches
ACTALIA’s documentation and monitoring service can, on request, carry out bibliographic searches and reviews on themes that fall within its scope of action and competence.

Monitoring services

ACTALIA’s documentation and monitoring service is available to help you carry out monitoring, tailored to your needs, on themes that fall within its scope of action and competence.

Document supply
ACTALIA’s documentation and monitoring service also offers a document supply service.