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Research & Development

The transfer of  our expertise is possible thanks to the skills of specialists acquired during confidential private Research & Development contracts (with companies and inter-professions) and via the realization of research programs, on public financing, with public reference laboratories.

These public partnerships provide scientific and technical resources for ACTALIA’s experts and are carried out within the framework of regional (local authorities, competitiveness clusters, etc.), national (ANR, etc.) and European (PCRD, Horizon 2020, etc.) calls for projects. There are many public laboratories that are referents in the field (CNRS, INRA, Universities, ANSES, other technical centers, European public laboratories…).

This development of competence is also promoted by ACTIA via specific organizations financially supported by the Ministry of Agriculture:

  • UMT (Mixed Technological Unit): 5-year partnership with a public laboratory),
  • RMT (Mixed Technology Network): coordination and/or participation in national networks of excellence, for a period of 5 years, bringing together experts from public research and agri-food technical centers.

These acquisitions of skills are valorized in two ways:

  • Public valorization :
    Scientific publications in international peer-reviewed journals and in national professional journals,
    Participation in national and international conferences (presentations, posters).
  • Private valorization: realization of private, confidential and customized Research & Development contracts.

The themes treated, methodological, technological, scientific, are presented in more detail in the Research page of the different ACTALIA poles.